At last! A truly convenient way to purchase crack cocaine.

Thanks to a legal loophole in the Maastrict Treaty establishing free trade within the European Community we are able to sell direct to you from Malta, where cocaine is a recognised pharmecutical. As long as it all for your own consumption (i.e. not for resale), there is nothing Customs and Excise can do.

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Crack (The only proper buzz available these days.)

Pure Refined Cocaine (The real thing! Cut it yourself.)


0.5 gram (Trial size)

5 grams (Regular)

20 grams (A wild weekend)

100 grams (Family sized.)

1 kilo (go into business for yourself.)

Due to the Keynesian market dynamic, prices are continually changing. Submit your order and you will be e-mailed with our suggested price, confirm your agreement by reply and your card will be debited and your order dispatched.

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